Welcome to Mori Nurseries

Over 60 years, Leno Mori has nurtured a family farm into what has become one of the largest Wholesale Nurseries in Canada. Still family owned and operated, Mori Nurseries continues to serve the ever expanding needs of Garden Centres, Landscapers and their many customers from Ontario to the Maritimes in Canada and Michigan east to the Atlantic states in the USA.

The rich soil and the temperate climate of Niagara is ideally suited to growing the comprehensive range of Evergreens and Broadleaf Evergreens, Shade and Fruit Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Perennials that Mori Nurseries sells today. Among their unique specialities are ornamental Designer Plants which are guaranteed to create a distinctive impression in any garden.

If you wish to purchase any of our exceptional plants for your home garden, please use ‘Find a Garden Centre’ section on our site, as we do not sell to the general public. 

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